About Us

About Bank House

Our History

Bank House Investment Management Ltd was formed in 2006 in a building known as “Bank House” (former Barclays branch), from which the business name was taken.

Our present

Bank House made a conscious decision that simply generating commission was not acceptable practice for the client before deciding how Bank House wanted to work with its clients. The Bank House conclusion was very firmly that it was due to the way in which both the advisor worked and the relationship that he/she created with their clients.

The process of getting to know the client is much more than just completing a Fact Find which is done before any advice can be given but encompasses that largely undocumented area of ‘Do we think we can work together’, at Bank House we feel that this element of our first meetings with the client are more important than anything else. We only deal with a small number of clients who treat us as professionals but also involve us in their lives, a trusted member of the family, that’s how Bank House’s clients would view us and what has helped us to provide our award winning service.

Our Future

The Financial Services industry is in constant change and Bank House change with the times.  The evolutions will present both challenges and opportunities in the IFA market and Bank House will as always be at the forefront of any adaptation.

The team have a reputable experience in wealth management at an international level looking after private clients and directors of SME’s.