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Our current testimonials:

“The thrill of finding our holiday home in France after numerous viewings over many months was given a ‘reality check’ when the Estate Agents in France sent us the 14 page ‘compromis de vente’ – all in French, and not just French but ‘legal speak’ just for good measure!

Guillaume Barlet of Bank House proved to be our saviour. His attention to detail, expert knowledge of the process of buying in France, coupled with a very personable approach, took us through every step of the way, including absolutely essential Estate and Inheritance planning.

I would recommend Guillaume to anyone who is looking for an excellent service and complete peace of mind that the very different French buying process runs as smoothly as possible.”

Steve – Gloucestershire, UK

“My thanks to Guillaume Barlet, in dealing with the legalities of establishing ownership of land adjacent to my home, with kindness and patience.

He explained everything to me, in detail, in perfect English and managed a situation for me that was as sensitive as it was worrying. There is no way that I could have talked through the problems effectively, with the French people involved, with my workable, but imperfect French.

Thank you again, Guillaume.”

Jeanette – Ille-et-Vilaine, France